Why we need an LCP

We know that there are a range of factors that impact people’s health and wellbeing: their homes, financial resources, opportunities for education and employment, access to public services, and the environments in which they live.

We also know that much more can be achieved if we work together to magnify the assets and strengths that our communities have in abundance to help individual and collective wellbeing.

The Local Care Partnership will work to connect people and services in ways that enable people to live healthy and happier lives. Building on the work already underway to enable all citizens to live well and get access to care and services when needed, the LCP will work to better join up hospital and community-based services, physical and mental health, and health and social care whilst increasing the existing strengths of communities.

The Eastern LCP will aim to:

  • Improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the local population
  • Reduce inequalities
  • Improve people’s experience of care
  • Improve the sustainability of the health and care system