Involving local people

Our South Local Care Partnership is developing. If your community group or organisation would like to get involved in working with us, please contact Derek Blackford, Jo Curtis or Jane Harris.

To achieve meaningful involvement and understanding with our communities, we need to connect with people in the places that they identify with. And we won’t do that by talking about the South Local Care Partnership.

We will listen and talk to people in the places that have meaning for them. Individual organisations will lead conversations with their communities using agreed content which can be tailored to individual needs. This doesn’t just mean translating questions into different languages or formats. It means adapting our approach to suit the needs of the people we want to hear from, for example, a personal telephone call with someone who is housebound or a creative play session with young children.

The use of agreed content ensures consistency which supports robust analysis of the feedback, insight and data while the tailoring supports accessibility and equality, ensuring we are involving people in ways that enable and support their active participation.