Our ambition and priorities

As separate organisations we are limited in our impact particularly for those issues which are complex and interrelated. But by further improving how we work together across health, care, education, housing, employment, community, voluntary and social enterprises we can positively benefit both individuals and communities.

We want to support people to be able to live better lives and we can only do this together. We know ‘better lives’ will mean different things to different people and be dependent on individual circumstances. It is important to recognise this and to work with people on what matters to them.

Together we have shared our knowledge about what we know matters to our people, and we have provisionally identified some areas of increased focus which include suicide prevention, self-harm and the experience of children in care.  A plan for tackling each priority will be developed between the statutory bodies, the voluntary sector, communities and local people so that we can make a difference at a local level.