Lots of new jobs as Framework takes shape

More staff are starting new jobs across Devon thanks to the Community Mental Health Framework (CMHF). The Framework will see nearly 140 new jobs created in total over the next 18 months. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to move into mental health, as well as for existing staff to develop their careers.

The Framework provides a way of improving access to better, more joined-up care for people in our communities with serious mental health needs. The new model creates multi-agency, placed-based teams in each of Devon’s 31 Primary Care Network areas. The teams will combine services, create new roles and care pathways and greatly improve integration with social care providers and partners from the voluntary, community, social enterprise (VCSE) and independent sector.

The last few months have seen the recruitment of ten Peer Support Workers and 15 Clinical Associate Psychologists. Both roles offer important new dimensions to the local support that is available to people.

Peer Support Workers are playing a particularly important role, bringing hugely valuable expertise from their personal experience of mental health issues. Each person brings different knowledge and insights from their own experiences and evidence tells us that can play a unique role in supporting a person’s journey of recovery. We are currently recruiting more Peer Support Workers and will recruit another group early next year.

Mike Bridgman, one of the new Peer Support Workers, says: “”Working as a Peer Support Worker in the community has been exciting. The team has been inviting and given me time to settle-in and I have seen how peer support can help people.”

Clinical Associate Psychologists are psychology graduates who work under the supervision of a registered Clinical Psychologist. Our new starters are receiving training at Plymouth and Exeter universities and getting started in their new teams.

Dean Moreton, one of the new Clinical Associate Psychologists, says: “The team I have been placed with has been really supportive, making me feel welcome and a valued member of the team. The University team have also been great and the course is very well planned.” 

Amethyst Wheeler says: “It is going really well so far; my team in Honiton are lovely. The University part of the course started last week. There was a lot of information given, but I am starting to process it all and I’m really excited to get started!”

Other job opportunities brought about by the Framework include advanced practice occupational therapists, rehabilitation social workers, specialist pharmacist prescribers, psychological therapists, family therapists and dieticians.

This is an exciting time to join and be a part of a transformation in the way that we support people with serious mental health needs in Devon. Recruitment to these roles is being led by Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Livewell Southwest and the VCSE alliance. Keep an eye on their websites for more details.